The last Nomination to be entered is/was 'Firebrand' by author Gillian Philip - publisher, Strident Publishers (UK).

Here at the DGLA we are keen to welcome quality novels from smaller publishers as well as the 'big boys' - also, the sharp-eyed amongst you may notice that 'Firebrand' a Young Adult title. There are a few YA titles included in the Longlist this year. We decided to let them go forward because they are cross-marketed at adults as well & I know many Fantasy readers do venture into the YA genre. As long as the content of the actual story conforms to our criteria of being 'Traditional, Heroic, Epic or High' Fantasy... i.e. swords & magic which we all love, we are happy to put them forward for your consideration.


It is possible in future years we might include a separate YA category if the demand is there.

Let us know what YOU all think!

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