Here's a pic of our very proud winner for 2010 - Mr Graham McNeill.

(Courtesy of SFX, our Media Partners)

From Graham's website:

"David Gemmell was (and remains) a huge influence on me and my writing, and to have won an award that bears his name is one of the greatest
thrills of my career. His work, with its powerful themes of heroism, nobility
and the gritty ‘reality’ of fantastic fiction, was like nothing I’d read
before, and I strive to carry on the traditions he established in his books.
His powerful depictions of courage, honour and the unbending code of Druss,
have inspired me through the years, and, as the dedication in Heldenhammer
says, 'To DG, you taught me all I know'. Says it all really…"

Here's a lovely close-up of the Snaga trophy - you can see the care and attention RAVEN ARMOURIES take, laser etching the name and book title of the winner etc. It's very exciting for us (DGLA peeps) when we see it because we dont get a chance to see it either until the night of the ceremony!

And here's another lovely picture - sent to me by Didier Graffet - one of the winners of the RAVENHEART AWARD for Best Fantasy coverart (along with Dave Senior, and Laura Brett) - it beautifully shows the project of creating the cover for Joe Abercrombie's 'Best Served Cold' and how stunning the design is when all put together. The Ravenheart trophy is right in the centre.

There's loads more pictures taken by SFX on the night & I'll put them into a slideshow on the front page... They give a great flavour of the excitement & fun of the evening...

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JOE CRAWFORD Comment by JOE CRAWFORD on July 2, 2010 at 21:09
nice kilty
JOE CRAWFORD Comment by JOE CRAWFORD on July 14, 2010 at 22:58
I looked at Graham s earlier stuff- really fine work! Resembles DG a lot! Im very busy now with new job but will devour this mans books at prodigious rate.

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