The 2009 Nominations are coming in at a goodly pace! Just to re-cap for those of you who might not have checked the site in the last week or so:


Rides a Dread Legion - Raymond E Feist

The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb

The Silver Mage - Katharine Kerr

The Rise of the Iron Moon - Stephen Hunt

Tyrant’s Blood - Fiona McIntosh

*All titles Nominated for both the LEGEND & RAVENHEART AWARDS


Blood of Ambrose - James Enge

Midwinter - Matthew Sturges

* Both titles Nominated for the LEGEND, MORNINGSTAR (Best Newcomer) & RAVENHEART AWARDS (Best Cover)
Plus: Todd Lockwood's cover art for Tom Loyd's 'The Twilight Herald' for the RAVENHEART


Kell's Legend - Andy Remic for the LEGEND AWARD


Night's Haunting - Matthew Sprange

Crucible of the Dragon God - Mike Wild

* Both titles Nominated for the LEGEND & RAVENHEART AWARDS


The Lord of Silence - Mark Chadbourn

The Laurentine Spy - Emily Gee

Archwizard - Ed Greenwood

Dark Haven - Gail Z. Martin

Dragonseed - James Maxey

Irons in the Fire - Juliet E. McKenna

* All titles for both the LEGEND & RAVENHEART AWARDS

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We really DO want your opinions this year - so get ready for the debates to begin!

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