Quite a few of you have been asking if/when tickets will be made available for the Award Ceremony itself so I thought it best to update everyone on the progress of the event so far...

The Ceremony will be held at the HQ of 'The Magic Circle' in London (near to Euston Station) on Friday 19th June. It is a gala 'black tie' (and posh frock!) event, with the Ceremony itself and then a reception. We are planning a charitable auction on the night for our nominated charity, 'Medicines Sans Frontiers' - details of the awesomely exciting lots how you can take part by pre-bidding, will be made available soon!

Sadly, the only downside of the MC venue is that it's fairly small - the theatre holds 162 people - but we are hoping to make as many Fan tickets available as we possibly can. After all, the Award is publically voted and all about readers and fans... so, as soon as we can determine the numbers, I will send out a bulletin to all website Members (FIRST - I won't sell tickets anywhere alse).

The Fan tickets cost £20 each. If there is more demand than tickets allow, we will randomly draw them (as they do for Wimbledon) so, even after ticket sales are announced, please do not send any money until you are notified that you have been successful. We apprieciate some of you will want to come as couples, so we'll do our best to accomodate that if you specify 2 tickets...

More news as it comes in...


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