Before you vote:

Please take a few moments to consider these points – the DGLA is NOT looking for an author who writes just like David Gemmell, that would be a very narrow field! So when we say we are looking for someone who writes in “the spirit of” David Gemmell, what do we actually mean?

• Skillfully – with a pace that draws you in and doesn’t let you go – you know, books that you’re STILL reading at three in the morning!

• Very strong characterisation – characters you root for and care about.

• A world you can believe in straight away.

Also, we realise you may just be tempted to vote for your favourite author, whatever the book – well of course you can if you want! – but please remember the Award is for the Best Fantasy Novel of 2008 – that one book that has been Nominated (whether or not it forms part of a series) and not the body of an author's work as a whole. In later years we may add differing categories in order to address this, but for now we are keeping it simple… It’s all about the book!


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Note that you can only vote ONCE in the Longlist poll. We are logging IP addresses and ISPs, so please do not try and vote more than once, or your vote will be automatically disallowed. And we don’t want that any more than you do.

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After you have voted: (This part is optional!)

The first 100 voters will receive one of our gorgeous LEGEND wristbands, entirely FREE as a thank-you for your support!

All you need to do, is come to DEBBIE’S PAGE after you have voted, and send me a Message with your name and address. We absolutely guarantee that we will not use your address for any other reason & once I’ve dutifully labelled all the envelopes, I will delete all the messages – so the records will not be retained or passed on. We promise.

A very special Limited Edition wristband will be winging its way to you. One per customer… After the first hundred have been bagged, the remaining 400 will be for sale via the website (details to follow).

Once again, thank you for your support and participation in the David Gemmell Legend Award!

Debbie, Gareth (Dros) & Stan.

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